Sunday, January 13, 2008

Librarian-ITT Technical Institute-Morrisville, NC


ITT Technical Institute-Morrisville, NC

Job Description

At ITT Educational Services, Inc., we are committed to helping men and women develop the skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities in fields involving technology, healthcare, criminal justice, and business.

The Librarian is responsible for all Learning Resource Center (LRC) operations while ensuring the LRC is established as and remains an integral part of the college.

Key Responsibilities

-Supervises personnel directly involved with the LRC.
-Develops, coordinates and delivers user training courses/materials as well as prepares and distributes user documentation and aids.
-Responsible to design and deliver database tutorials and instruction materials for users and assists them in search strategies and advanced information needs.
-Meets regularly with education staff to coordinate LRC hours and policies, procedures, select books and other media needed for the LRC.
-Responsible for the cataloging, in/out processing, storage repair and maintenance of books and other LRC equipment.
-Assists students with questions regarding the LRC and assists instructors with the Career Success Program.
-Responsible for maintaining ongoing professional industry knowledge and skills of library/information science.

Required Skills
-Masters degree from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education in Library Science from and ALA accredited school.
-1-2 years experience working in a library environment.
-Excellent oral communication skills.
-Ability to assess student progress and changes needed in tutorial programs
-Ability to work with all levels of faculty and all types of students.

Job Location
Morrisville, NC, US.
Position Type

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