Monday, January 26, 2009

UNC-Charlotte is seeking a Business Reference Librarian

The J. Murrey Atkins Library at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is seeking a Business Reference Librarian to provide general, comprehensive information and specialized business-related information, in various formats, to the UNC Charlotte community.

  • Provide general and specialized reference service via Reference Desk, telephone, email, group and local chat, etc.
  • Participate in evening and weekend staffing rotation
  • Train new Reference Desk personnel in the use of subject resources
  • Liaise with the Belk College of Business
    • Provide specialized reference
    • Provide library instruction
    • Develop appropriate instructional aids (handouts, web pages, tutorials, etc.)
    • Assess library resources for proposed or revised courses and/or degree programs
    • Assess library resources for departmental accreditation and self-study reports
    • Meet with visiting accreditation teams
  • Liaise with other assigned University programs, offices, etc.
  • Develop print and electronic resources for business collections
    • Review appropriate electronic resources and recommend for acquisition
    • Review and select approval plan titles and titles from appropriate reviewing sources, catalogs, and acquisitions lists
    • Coordinate with the faculty liaison for the Belk College of Business in receiving faculty requests for print and electronic resources
  • Recommend agenda items and participate in Reference Unit meetings
  • Advance initiatives by Reference Unit, Information Commons, Atkins Library and UNC Charlotte
  • Communicate effectively with others within and beyond the Library and the University
  • Participate in relevant professional activities and in Library and University faculty governance
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements:
  • Master’s degree in Library Science from a program accredited by the American Library Association required
  • Undergraduate degree in a business-related field preferred; advanced degree in a business-related field preferred

  • Two years reference experience, including experience with electronic resources, in an academic library preferred
  • Business-related experience preferred

For further information and to apply, visit the library's job posting

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